Monday, July 24, 2006

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I recently spent a week at my school working on curriculum. As hard as it was getting into the swing of school work when being half way through the summer, there were parts of it that were enjoyable; like being able to work on technology integration. I introduced many of the teachers in my department to Photostory, and even helped an english teacher use it to create a short presentation on Shakespeare. I was also able to assist another english teacher with a powerpoint presentation. He was attempting to download MP3 music into the powerpoint but needed it saved as a WAV file. I introduced him to Audacity; the freeware program that allows a user to integrate all types of sounds, technologically alter them, and then export them as either a WAV or a MP3 file. If you haven't fooled around with it before I highly recommend it. I believe that I already created a post for it several weeks ago! I'm getting so old all the technology runs together!


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