Friday, June 16, 2006

Intro to Authoring Tools

I have never really considered authoring tools and their use in the classroom before I wrote my first paper for my authoring tools class. Learning about the benefits of using authoring tools in the classroom really made me think about their importance in my curriculum. I typically only use the computers for Gometer's Sketchpad activities, but am not thinking about expanding te programs I use to include many more authoring tools.

I discovered that students are motivated by using authoring tools as they create them themselves and they can be a direct expression of themselves. This gives the students a sense of ownership over their own learning, making it much easier for them to enjoy their schoolwork.

Authoring tools can also be used independently, or collaboratively. Collaborative work also motivates students not only for the social aspect, but also due to the peer pressure. Students do not want to look like idiots in front of each other so they will typically work harder to impress each other.


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