Monday, July 10, 2006

PowerPoint Presentations

My authoring tools class recently had a project due where we had to present an authoring tool in a powerpoint presentation. After they were all graded we were able to view them. It was interesting to see everyone's presentation, and I learned a lot through them. As one group did dreamweaver and one did FrontPage I was able to compare and contrast the two of them. I have never used either program (I typically just use Geocities when creating a webpage) so both of them were new to me. I was sad to see that FrontPage will no longer be continued.

Another classmate presented Puzzle Maker from I have to say that I absolutely love using It has many great puzzle making tools and they have all been used, mainly in my geometry classes.

A last group did a presentation on using blogs in the classroom, and I really liked that presentation as I have always been interested in introducing blogs in the classroom, but haven't been exactly sure how to go about it. The presentation listed several blogging sites that are secure and only allow "appropriate" material for the classroom.
Overall, a job was well done by all! :)


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