Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Photo Story

Another GREAT authoring tool: Microsoft Photo Story! I found out about this one through my other current class: Special Topics In Ed. Tech. Photo Story is a digital picture story that can be created through a very simple process. It is appropriate for all grade levels, and all disciplines. I used it to create a photo story about my recent trip to help rebuild houses in Mississippi that were damaged by Katrina. Because my instructor said it had to be insructional I told about our experience, and then detailed the whole process that has to be done to the house in order to get it ready to live in again.

Photo Story can be used a number of different ways in the classroom. The author could be the teacher, who could create the story as a direct instructional tool which teachers the students the steps to completing a process. A digital story could also be used as an introduction to a topic, or as a closing section to a unit, or as an exploratory section. For instance, in teaching math, I might use a story to apply what the students are learning in my classroom to how they might use it in the "real-world." The author can also be the student, and the teacher can have them create a story for any means that they think is appropriate in the classroom.

I highly recommend using this site. If not even for the classroom, for personal use. It is a great way to keep memories alive.
The site is

FREE to anyone that has Windows XP!


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